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vocal coach Houston SimmonsVocal coach for music classes in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood, FL. Learn how to sing better faster. Get the best vocal coaching in South Florida!

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Learning to sing with the singing techniques and vocal exercises learned in singing classes, you learn how to sing better faster. Register now for singing lessons in Miami:

Get the best vocal coaching in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood or anywhere in South Florida. In your first vocal classes you will learn so much, you will see your vocal problems, lack of self-confidence and shyness begin to melt away!

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Houston is fantastic. A man with a rare gift, Mr. Simmons pinpoints weaknesses and strengthens them, using his own techniques and great knowledge of the trade. I have taken four lessons with him so far, and I have already gained a better sound, greater confidence, and even more stage presence. I can truly say that I have hired the right guy as my vocal coach. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is absolutely serious about perfecting his/her voice.

Singing Auditions

Do you want to know how to sing better with an amazing singing voice for one of the TV singing competitions ("The Voice", "American Idol", "The X-Factor")? You have one shot. Register now to become that exceptional great singer. You have one shot!


Karaoke has become extremely popular around the world. Ok... so you don't want to go professional but you still want to sing in front of people. Learn simple tips to improve your singing and make every time you perform before a group of people a tremendous success. Register and learn how to use the right voice for the right song and make your vocals soar!

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Dear All,
This is a very good experience for us, Nicole and Guy, to work with Mr. Houston Simmons who is teaching vocal lessons to our daughter Moisa. She's been at her second half an hour lesson. We appreciate the way of teaching of Mr Simmons and would naturally rate him an excellent 5 stars.